Our Reef Collection

Loving Reef Memorial

Loving reef

This Loving Reef is dedicated exclusively
for a single individual. 
The dimensions are:
1.5 ft. tall by 1.75 ft. across at the base.

Weight : approximately 150 pounds.

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Living Reef Memorial

lrm web site photo reef in water matureThe Living Reef is dedicated exclusively
for a single individual. The dimensions
are: 2.4 feet tall by 4.5 feet across at
the base 
Weight: 500 pounds.  

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Forever Together

This option is dedicated to those who wish to be forever together
in eternal rest, as they were in life. The Forever Together Reef is
a monument to the life bonding moments that were shared and
an everlasting tribute to the commitment you both hold. This very
special reef lovingly preserves two sets of cremains together forever.
The dimensions are:1.5 ft. tall by 1.75 ft. across at the base.
Weight : 150 pounds.

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Community Reef

The Community Reef contains up to four separate setslrm photo of the colorful reef
of cremains in one large reef. The Community Reef
is a monumental tribute to the life that was lived,
the community that we served, and the love that was shared.
The dimensions are: 1.75 ft. tall by 3.75 ft. across at the base.
Weight: 500 lbs.

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The Liberty Reef Memoriallrm photo brochure

The Liberty Reef allows those who wish to place their
memorial reef when and where they choose. Cremains
are sent to us via the U.S. Postal Service, we will lovingly
transform the cremains into a reef. We then send your
Liberty Reef home to you.
The dimensions are:1.5 feet tall by 1.75 feet across at the base. 
Weight : approximately 125 to 150 pounds.  

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