Loving Reef

The Loving Reef is dedicated to a single individual and is a living tribute that will forever leave a positive impact on us all. This special reef has been designed to mimic the habitat of many important species of marine life that are vital for a healthy marine ecosystem.

The dimensions of a Loving Reef Memorial are 1.5 feet tall by 1.75 feet across at the base. The Loving Reef Memorial weighs approximately 125 to 150 pounds. The holes or voids created within this special reef range from 1.25 inches to a full 8 inches in diameter. These voids within the reef are the perfect shape, depth, and volume for fish to spawn, live, flourish, and grow. The voids make a wonder nursery for baby fish and a safe haven for their parents. The hexagonal shape of this reef force fishing nets up and over the reef without disturbing the fragile life contained within.

Total cost $2,400.00

If you have experienced a loss, we wish to convey our most heartfelt condolences.

We can also create a Homecoming Keepsake Reef or add a Memorial Plaque to your reef.